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  • Timpson ISD Construction Progressing
    Timpson Independent School District is proud to announce that our new Collegiate Center and Activity Center is nearing completion. The new structure is a prime example of the direction our district is headed. Timpson ISD is proud of the success we have had with our Bear Football Team, Bear Band, Ag Program and the strong academic foundation our students have had over the past century. The new facility ties in the old with the new which is exactly what the vision is for our district academically. Timpson High School, Timpson Middle School and Timpson Elementary will always be. However, a school district which is stagnant is falling behind, so Timpson ISD will remain progressive and intentionally try to stay in front of the educational curve and movement. Timpson ISD is committed to be progressive educationally, however we will always remain rich in tradition. The new structure is a visual reminder of this platform as it reflects a band of red brick, consistent with the red brick of our beloved Timpson High School building, but yet two lighter toned brick patterns used as an impression of a bright future ahead. The traditional red brick is a prime example of Timpson ISD being proud and respectful of our past but also blending the old with the new. Timpson ISD would like to thank our community for all of its support and encourage everyone to come up and visit our district. It has always been a great time to be a BEAR!!
  • Biology News 05-17-2018
    Click here for picture slideshow.

    Mrs. Teresa Jourden reports that the Biology classes created their own cells this week! Students were able to identify the organelles that make up the cell and know that each organelle has a specific function that is required to help maintain balance within the system.
  • Timpson ISD Scholarship Program
    The Timpson High School Scholarship Program was held Thursday, May 17th in the high school auditorium. Over 25 presenters representing different organizations, families and institutions of higher learning filled the stage and distributed over $95,000. More than half of the senior class received a scholarship. The students, their families and TISD faculty are grateful for all contributions.
  • Timpson ISD Students Earning College Hours This Summer
    Timpson High School students are working to better themselves this summer. Timpson Collegiate Center has had 74 students enrolled in classes during the Maymester, Summer I session, and Summer II session. Timpson ISD is encouraging students to continually better themselves and understand the value of working hard to become strong working members of our communities. Mr. Richardson the Dual Credit Program Coordinator credits the high passing rates and the high enrollment rates to the motivation of the kids. Mr. Richardson explains that the mentoring and monitoring foundation given to these students has supported the 93% passing rate over the 2017-2018 school year in these college classes. Timpson ISD is excited to graduate 95% of its Seniors with either an Associate’s Degree or a technical certification. We encourage you to visit our district. It’s Never Been a Better Time to Be a BEAR!!
  • Timpson ISD/STEM Academy Attends SFA iMAS Camp
    Incoming Timpson Junior High Students recently attended SFA’s iMAS Camp. Investigations in Math and Science (iMAS) Camp is one of many programs that the SFA’s Stem and Research Center offers to local students that provides a variety of “hands-on and minds-on” learning experiences. Five students from Timpson ISD took advantage of the iMAS Camp and enjoyed an engaging week of activities. Upon arrival at SFA students were divided into teams and given instructions for the day. The students quickly were led to their separate locations throughout SFA’s campus including the new nursing facility off-campus. Students participated in a new activity each day. One day the students participated in a “who done it” forensics activity in which they used clues from a simulated crime scene to find the culprit. A second activity included a study of genetics and DNA, the students created a necklace filled with their DNA after an in-depth research of how to obtain and view their DNA. A third activity included coding with the LEGO EV3 robotic vehicle. Students had to incorporate their math skills with their computer skills in order to make the vehicle perform a variety of maneuvers. The next activity allowed the students to perform a lab experiment with colors created from natural plants. The students received a series of berries, carrots, and other materials and used the items to create all-natural dyes. At the end of the lab the students were to create a new SFA emblem using the dyes they created. The last activity was completed at the new SFA Nursing facility. Campers were allowed to work with robotic patients. All Timpson students learned how to take a pulse, count respirations, get a general medical background for a patient, and even learned how to start an IV. Stephanie Stone, Timpson ISD’s 5th grade math teacher, stated that the students and faculty at SFA did an amazing job with the students. They explained step-by-step what to do at each station and ensured that all students were safe and stayed on task. Mrs. Stone was very happy to see the students enjoy learning on their summer break. “We can’t wait to participate again!” stated Gracie Pledger. Throughout the week Mr. Bubba Carrington and Mrs. Stephanie Stone took the students to SFA’s campus and spent quality time with their students. Mr. Carrington stated, “This is what we do. We are here for the students. We want the students to have a passion for learning and create a rapport with their educators that lasts a lifetime.” Timpson STEM Academy would like to thank Dr. Redfield and her staff at SFA for this opportunity.
  • Timpson 2018 District 23AA Baseball All District Selections
    1st team

    Kobe Grogan, So. Outfielder
    Blake Johnson, Sr. Designated Hitter

    2nd Team

    Jayden Johnson, Sr. Pitcher
    Brandon Addison, Sr. Catcher
    Garrett Askins, Fr. Infielder

    Honorable Mention
    Miguel Flores, Jr.
  • TISD Board Budget Workshop and Regular Meeting Agenda 8-14-2018
    Notice is hereby given that on Tuesday, August 14, 2018, the Board of Trustees for the Timpson Independent School District will have a Budget Workshop at 6:00 p.m. and a Regular Monthly Meeting at 6:30 p.m. in the Board Room of the Timpson Administration Building located at 836 Bear Drive in Timpson, Texas.


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  • Football 2017 - Area champs
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