Dear TISD Community,

Timpson ISD is actively engaged in promoting a safe school for students and staff. Currently, TISD has active COVID cases that span many of the grade levels as we are reporting each day. We also have one employee case. We are actively cleaning and taking precautions to prevent more illnesses in hopes that this cycle lessens. If parents wish to quarantine their children who are at risk or have been around someone who has Covid 19, we do not fault you for doing so. Please, do not send your children to school if they have symptoms of Covid 19. Help us monitor this situation. Please, view our website each day for updates and new information.

TISD COVID 19 Daily Reports

Oct. 19-22--No new cases

Oct. 18--4th grader last here on 10/14

Oct. 15--No new cases

Oct. 14--No new cases

Oct. 13--No new cases

Oct. 12--No new cases

Oct. 11--2 1st graders last here on 10/8; 2nd grader last here on 10/8; and 6th grader last here 10/8.

Oct. 8--No new cases

Oct. 7.--No new cases

Oct. 6--No new cases

Oct. 5--No new cases

Oct. 1--No new cases

Sept. 30--PK student last here on 9/29

Sept. 29--10th grader last here on 9/28

Sept. 28--8th grader last here on 9/24

Sept. 27--No new cases

Sept. 24--No new cases

Sept. 23--10th grader last here on 9/17.

Sept. 22--1st grader last here on 9/20 and 8th grader last here on 9/17.

Sept. 21--Kindergartener and 5th grader last here on 9/17.

Sept. 20--8th grader, 9th grader, 10th grader, and 12th grader all attended last on 9/17.

Sept. 17--No new cases

Sept. 16--No new cases

Sept. 15--two 8th graders last here on 9/13 & 9/14; 7th grader last here on 9/10; 4th grader last here on 9/10

Sept. 14--9th grader last here on 9/13 and 2nd grader last here on 9/10.

Sept. 13--Maint. worker and custodian last here 9/10; MS teacher last here 9/3; 12th grader last here 9/10; 11th grader last here 9/10; 6th grader last here 9/13; 5th grader last here 9/9; two 2nd graders last here 9/8.

Sept. 10--12th grader last here 9/7; maint. worker last here 9/9; bus driver last here on 9/3

Sept. 9--two 7th graders last here on 9/8 and a 12 grader last here on 9/8

Sept. 8--MS staff last here on 9/7; 9th grader last here on 9/3; 2 11th graders last here on 9/3 & 9/7; 12th grader last here on 9/3

Sept. 7--Kindergarten last here 9/1; two 4th graders last here on 9/1 & 9/3; 5th grader last here 8/31; 7th grader last here 9/1; and 2 Elementary teachers last here 9/3.

Sept. 3--4th grader last attended 9/3

Sept. 2--1st grader last here 8/30; 4th grader last here 9/1; 10th grader last here 8/31; cafeteria worker

Sept. 1--4th grade teacher last here 8/31; Elementary SPED aid last here 8/30; 9th grader last here 8/30; 6th grader last here 8/30; 6th grader last here 8/31

Aug. 31--12th grader last here on 8/30; 2nd grade last here 8/25; 6th grade last here on 8/30; 6th grader last here on 8/27; 11th grade last here on 8/26

Aug. 30--TISD reports 7 more cases today: 1-Kindergarten last attended school on 8/27; 1-3rd grader last attended school on 8/27; 3-4th graders last attended school on 8/27; 1-8th grader last attended school on 8/27; 1-HS Staff last attended on 8/27.

Aug. 27--TISD reports 8 more cases today: 1-Kindergarten last attended school on 8/26; 1-2nd grader last attended 8/25; 1-3rd grader last attended 8/26; 1-6th grader last attended 8/26; 1-7th grader last attended 8/20; 2-8th graders last attended on 8/20 & 8/26; 1-11th grader last attended 8/20.

Aug. 26--TISD reports 5 total cases added today: 2-2nd graders last attended on Wednesday; 1-4th grader last attended Tuesday; 1-6th grader last attended Wednesday; 1-9th grader last attended school today.

Aug. 25--Timpson ISD reports today one 3rd grader last attended school Tuesday, Aug. 24; one Kindergarten last here on Tuesday; one 8th grader last attended on Friday, Aug. 20; and two 9th graders Monday and Wednesday morning.

Aug. 24--Timpson ISD reports one more case of Covid 19. The student is enrolled in Kindergarten and was last on campus Monday, August 23, 2021. The previous cases reported were last on campus Friday, August 20, 2021.

As of Monday, August 23, 2021, Timpson ISD has 5 active Covid cases. The grades are Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, 7th grade, 10th grade, and 12th grade. Remember, please monitor your child for symptoms as we will be doing the same and keep them home if they have symptoms of Covid 19.